January 04, 2012


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How lovely, David.

Phil Parr


Thanks so much for including me on the list of those to which you transmitted this beautiful tribute to Claudia's spirit. I am overwhelmed with grief today and I wish I had just a modicum of your writing talent to express my feelings.

I must say, though, that Claudia is on my short list of the most exceptional people I have ever met in my life, which is now in its early senior years. She was so loving, talented, intelligent, just, caring, thoughtful, focused, etc. I am overwhelmed with grief today, but I know that Claudia's enormous spirit lives on in all of us who have been so fortunate to have known her and been deeply touched by her . I also feel her spirit lives on somewhere in the universe experiencing realms of freedom, growth and pleasure that are beyond anything she experienced here on this earth, our fragile, island home.

Sharon Young

This is exquisite. Thank you.

Kate Felsen

What a loving tribute, David. Those of us who did not meet Claudia are now lucky to know the spirit that is and always will be that lives on in you and the others she touched so deeply.


Touching, heartfelt, honest. I'm sorry I didn't know her. I appreciated hearing about Claudia and how she worked--and hearing your post-ABC story too.

Sharon Sakson

David, what a wonderful story, sweet and sad yet inspiring. Your writing skill has certainly blossomed! All the best to you, Sharon Sakson

Meredith White

David, what a profoundly moving tribute to a dazzling woman. I loved working with Claudia and felt blessed to be a part of her work life and a friend for many years. I am deeply saddened by her passing and grateful to people like you for capturing her generosity, beauty and brilliance.

Douglas Taylor from Rio


This testimony is one of the most touching I have ever read... Your spirit has spoken, laid open your thoughts and feelings about this special Soul called Claudia so that we all can get a glimpse of just who and what this person was to you and our colleagues...

Your personal journey touched a nerve in me, for as to see, read and know that there is life after the traversing what is often called "The Shaman's Death to greater understanding".... I too have struggled in recent years, but my faith and conviction have never wavered....

The test has been passed and my path through this dark place is now being lit by the Light of Divine Faith...Blind in nature, though firm of foot has we move off one step after another into and unknown though not 'unfamiliar' future...

Your testimony reminds me that patience and diligence are required for our time to stand up and make our contribution again, will come when we least expect it... We must 'all ways" be prepared for whatever circumstance at whatever time.

Thank you, David.... Thank you so much...

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