October 10, 2012


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Briana Barrett-Squirrel

I love how succinctly and soundly you reason, David. I agree that throwing away your vote is a sad thing, and as long as we accept the way it is right now, we can have a government that is responsive, rather than one that won through negligence of many.

I still like listening to green and other parties, and would encourage anyone to do so, because these are smart people with huge determination deserving attention and respect.

No president has much power. But we will continue to have one. If we can all vote Democrat, listen to our hearts AND minds, and call our representatives as you say, we will be in a better America than if we protest in un-useful ways.


I heartily disagree with at least two points. First, if you were more familiar with the Green Party & on a national level the platform that Dr. Jill Stein has, I don't think you could say that it is narrow in any way. Second, although it indeed would be easier if we used IRV or had a Parliamentary system, a vote for the Greens or any other minor party candidate is not wasted nor merely symbolic. It is strategic, active, & in fact is the mode of change (a more narrowly focused party) that historically has helped move the awareness up, the center pressed to act on making big changes, like ending slavery. Dems should not feel they own the vote of anyone; a vote belongs to no one before it is cast.

David Guilbault

Thank you Briana and gggal for your thoughtful responses.

Being a progressive at heart, I agree with most of the Green Party's agenda. Their candidates should indeed be given voice and consideration. I hope for the day when many of their positions are voted into law

But, as a practical liberal, I have to cast my voice for the candidate closest to my views who I think has the best chance of winning.

I certainly agree that everyone's vote is theirs to cast as they choose, whether for practical support, symbolic protest or sincere concern.

But, in this election I fear that a third-party vote or non-vote will effectively bring us Mitt Romney as president. For me, that would be a mortifying electoral outcome, about as far away from "progressive" as you can get.

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